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Published: 10th September 2009
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One of the biggest trends for fall is a throwback to the romantic styles of the '40s. Ruffled blouses and romantic fabrics like silk and satin are making antique earrings and other vintage-inspired jewelry popular again, as intricate designs dominate the style scene. What's great is that you don't have to have pierced ears to enjoy these styles. In fact, some of the best-looking designs are actually coming out of the clip on earring trend.

Offering a more authentic vintage look, clip on earring styles are all the rage for fall. Top designers like Givenchy, Dior and Chanel all showcased delicate fabrics in black and white. These looks are even more striking when paired with clip earrings that resonate of eras past. Clip on earrings look fantastic as they provide sweet romantic appeal and intricate design details.

Clip on earrings that have a little sparkle and shine are the perfect accessory for nights out on the town or special events. It's easy to find a pair that will compliment the color and detail of your dress. Or, for something for more modern, try clip earrings in black rhinestones or black pearls.

If you have a colored dress you'd like to wear, focus on the setting of the clip on earrings. For example, if your cocktail dress is in the hue of purple or pink, add clip-on earrings with a silver setting for contrast. If your cocktail dress is in green or blue, add clip-on earrings in gold for a rich look that absolutely will not fail.

Since this season is all about mixing and matching, don't be afraid to wear girly clip on earrings with tougher fabrics like leather or suede. This contrast creates interest and is a welcome take on vintage inspired accessories. Try drop earrings or chandeliers clip on earrings for true romantic appeal.

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